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DNZ International Company Limited officially started its business in 2006. The company has grown from one driver and one bus in the early days to 22 luxury coaches today, with a team of nearly 30 experienced tour guides and drivers, relying on excellent service quality and a strict quality management system. The company's newly purchased tour buses are all Mercedes-Benz produced by the original German factory, which also reflects our company's consistent business philosophy: high-end, quality, and characteristics. (For details, please click "About Us" New Zealand Bus and Coach Association's July 2013 Bulletin of the interview)

Our company provides tourists with a full range of tourism services: airport transfers (please click "Airport Transfer"), sightseeing charter service (please click "Charter"), Designed high-end luxury travel (please click "Itinerary").

Our company actively participates in environmental protection activities and does our best to alleviate global warming. We have partnered with New Zealand-based environmental charity Tree That Count (https://www.treesthatcount.co.nz/) to plant more native trees in New Zealand. As a tourist, you can also actively participate in conservation activities, such as bringing a non-disposable water bottle from home instead of buying bottled mineral water in New Zealand, where tap water is drinkable.

It should be noted that our company is not a car rental company. Considering that the driving habits of overseas tourists cannot adapt to the local road code in New Zealand, and the traffic accidents have become more and more outrageous in recent years, all our vehicles are driven by our experienced drivers with their passenger service endorsement.

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